E.G. Chess 1.0.22 is now available! Changes: FICS speed improvements. Changed FICS username length to accept 17 characters. Fixed PGN navigation. PGN navigation speed improvements. Movement speed of pieces slowed down for offline games.

E.G. Chess 1.0.22 Update

Lead King Thorund the Wurmhewer and his clan of Dwarves against the surging Goblin uprising! Learn Chess the fun and easy way through unique challenges in single player campaign as your Dwarves face Warg Riders, Goblin Raiders, Cannon Trolls, bombs, mortars, and traps! Then challenge yourself in Online Player vs […]

Dwarven Chess now on iOS, Mac and Android

E.G. Chess 1.0.14 is now available! Changes: Added easier difficulty settings against the computer (thanks to Frank for suggesting this feature). Changing sides is now enabled in the middle of a game against the computer. Fixed PGN issue where rooks would incorrectly trigger castling notation (thanks to Andrew for finding […]

E.G. Chess 1.0.14 Update