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4 thoughts on “Contact

  • Fredrik

    Hi, what is the voice saying in the older version of EG Chess ? It´s something like “Excuse my pitchfork…..”


    • EG Post author

      Hi Fredrik,

      “I’ve got my pitchfork, lord.” The sounds were created by Billy Besselink. He was a “famous” actor that I used to work with at a video game company. We were playing Warcraft 2 at the time. He made some pretty funny sounds for the game. I’m surprised that PC version still runs! Let me know if you want a free promo code for the iOS version.


  • Davide

    Hi there!
    I remember playing the old win 98 version EG chess when I was a kid, I’m surprised I found this website, but the download links for the legacy version seem broken. Is there any way i could obtain the .exe for me to install and go on a trip down memory lane?

    Best wishes!