Sinkhole 3

Greasemonkey script for Firefox to filter Digg articles.


This script will filter out articles on based on keywords.  The keywords can include any text and will search the title, description and the user that submitted the story.

For example, to ignore all posted stories submitted by MrBabyMan then enter add “MrBabyMan” to the Filter Text input and click “Add Filter Expression”.

By default the expression is filtered every single day, but it can be set to specific days by selecting the check boxes.  The motivation behind this feature is that many sporting events happen on a certain day of the week.  In order to avoid spoiling the event’s outcome, the filter can be applied during that day.  For example, adding “F1” and selecting only “Sunday” will block any F1 posts during the day until you have watched the race.

The filtered text can be a regular expression.  For example, to avoid any articles for UFC sporting events, enter the text “UFC\s[0-9]{3}”.  This will not block regular UFC posts, but will block posts containing the text “UFC 117”.

All entered text is case insensitive.

When an article is blocked it will display a message and provide the ability to see the blocked article.

Other options include the ability to hide trending stories at the top of the page.

Works with Digg v4!


  1. Open Firefox (other browser support coming soon)
  2. Install Greasemonkey (0.8.0 or greater is required), if not already installed
  3. Install Sinkhole (click Install on previous link’s page) or click here to install directly
  4. Click “Install” on the Greasemonkey Installation dialog
  5. Open and click on “Sinkhole Settings” just below the main Digg header
  6. Enter an expression into the “Filter Text” text box (e.g. “spoilers”)
  7. Click “Add Filter Expression”
  8. The filter should appear in your “Filter:” list
  9. In order to apply the new filters, reload the page.


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