Tabula Letum (PC)

Tabula Letum is a two person board game based on Tablut, otherwise known as The Viking Game.  The rules are simple, but the game itself is very complex.

The game is made up of men defending the king (yellow), or attacking (blue).  If you are attacking, the objective of the game is to kill the king; if you are defending the objective
is to get the king to one of the corner squares.  And, contrary to what you would think, it is easier to attack than defend – but not by much.

Download or read the origins of the game or it’s rules.

You can play Tabula Letum with your friends on a local network, across the Internet, or meet and play others on the EG Server.


Please read the registration and requirements before downloading.  This is the fully enabled version at 2.3 MB and was last updated on October 08, 1999 .

Download Version Size Type Mirror

1.0.8 2.3 MB zip file

1.0.8 2.3 MB zip file yes

1.0.8 2.3 MB self-extracting archive

1.0.8 2.3 MB self-extracting archive yes


Tabula Letum is shareware and can be safely registered, here, online via credit card.


  • Windows and up
  • DirectX 5.0 or greater.
  • To play peer to peer using TCP/IP over the Internet, the person who is joining the game must enter the IP address of the machine that hosted the game.  You can find out the IP address of your machine by running “winipcfg”. If you have a network card and a modem installed, you will need to make sure you read the IP address of the modem connection to the Internet.  The modem will show up as a “PPP Adapter”.
  • Our networking uses Microsoft’s DirectPlay which does not work through proxies or firewalls.


Last updated on October 08, 1999 — Changes

Released! — February 1, 1999

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Tabula Letum

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