Completed a wide variety of projects including mobile applications (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, J2ME), web site design, programming, implementation, security, technology consultation, credit card processing and large scale application development.  Here is a list of current and past projects:

  • Website development:
  • Co-developed augmented reality app for Anomaly Productions called Anomaly UAR.
  • E.G. Chess engine was used in RZA‘s (from the Wu-Tang Clan) iOS App called RZA’s World.
  • Edelman:
  • Dare Vancouver (formerly Fjord West/Cossette Communication Group):
    Programming and Maintenance – April 2003 to present
    (C#.NET, PHP, ASP (VBScript), Perl, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL)

  • Evolving Digital Inc.:
    Programming and Maintenance – September 2005 to present
    (iPhone, iPad, Objective-C, C++, PHP, C#, ASP, MySQL)

  • Adventures Abroad Worldwide Travel Ltd.:
    Programming and Maintenance – November 2004 to present
    (C++, PHP, C#, ASP, VB, MySQL, MSSQL)

  • Earth Gaming:
    Owner – Design, Development, Implementation, and Support – July 1997 to present
    (PHP, Java, C/C++, Borland, MySQL, UNIX, Windows)
    Designed and wrote three shareware board games and an online game server for both Windows and Linux. All four projects were written in C/C++ using DirectX. When the projects were ported to Linux the games were switched to OpenGL and the server to BSD sockets.

  • Mobla Systems:
    Owner – Design, Development, Implementation, and Support – 2005 to present
    (J2ME, Java, C, C++, Apache Module, Python)
    Developed a mobile poker game for J2ME compatible phones as well as the back end modular poker game server.
  • One Day Vancouver:
    Programming and Maintenance – September 2005 to 2007
    (PHP, MySQL)
    Site developed from the ground up with a custom content management system to administer the front end.
  • Micropower (now owned by Chartwell):
    Programming, Maintenance and Team Management – May 2004 to June 2005
    (Java, C++, Oracle)
    Developed the new poker server to handle thousands of simultaneous connections.  The new server was used to service ESPN, World Poker Exchange, The Poker Club and more.
  • Cowie & Fox Creative:
    Programming and Maintenance – June 2003 to June 2004
    (PHP, Perl, MySQL, Flash Integration)
    Maintenance and development for the Mount Seymour and Lululemon sites.
  • Youth In BC:
    Programming – November 2003
    (C#, MySQL)
    Chat scripts that integrate with Flash to help people talk with volunteers about problems.
  • Urban Flirt:
    Programming, Website Layout, Concept Design and Maintenance – January 2003 to April 2003
    (PHP, MySQL)
    This site is an HTML dating project that was originally developed under a different name.  It was re-skinned with new graphics and some new features for the company Online Innovation Inc.
  • Virtually Dating:
    Development, Implementation, and Support – April 2001 to December 2004
    (PHP, Oracle, Flash Integration)
    Provided the back end programming for a Flash driven personals site. The code was developed in PHP using Oracle as the database on a SUN server. Custom scripts were created to allow the graphic artists to provide database interaction for Flash pages. The bulk of the development on the site was done by September 2002, and it had been up and running without any problems since.
  • Titan Media:
    Programming and Maintenance – Jan 2001 to Oct 2003
    (Java, C++, JSP, UML, XML, CVS, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
    Programmed 2D and 3D networked computer games in C++ using DirectX. Maintained and developed the Sportsbook Top Bet and Future Bet websites. This included developing and maintaining the financial processor to handle all credit card deposits and withdrawals (IDollar).
  • PHP World:
    Programming, System Setup, and Maintenance – February 2000 to January 2003
    Created a web site to teach people PHP and answer their questions.  Also, wrote the existing articles on the site.
  • Sage Support Services:
    Design, Development, Implementation, and Support – July 2002 to November 2002
    (PHP, MySQL)
    For Sage Support Services we provided functioning web pages and auto-delivery of course material using PHP.  Site registration, contacting, and affiliate services were included, as well as auto-emailing several courses and products to specific clients at specific times. The project is developed in PHP using MySQL on IIS and NT.
  • Test Pilot Studio:
    Design, Development, and Implementation – February 2002 to March 2002
    (PHP, flat-file database)
    Created contest entry software using a flat-file database. This software was flexible enough for the client to use as a template for other contests without further assistance from us.
  • Pause & Play:
    Design, Development and Implementation – February 2001 to 2010
    Worked in collaboration with Pause & Play to parse the new CD/DVD releases and send an email on release days.  Go to http://www.pauseandplay.com/signup.htm to receive a free weekly CD release schedule via email.
  • iMTelemedia:
    Design, Development, Implementation, and Support – June 2000 to January 2001
    (PHP, MySQL)
    IntroMatch was a three month project to create a web personals site.  The code was developed in PHP using MySQL as the database and Apache as the server. A custom template file system was created to allow the web designer to edit HTML pages using embedded PHP tags. Development on the site was done by September 2000, and it had been up and running without any problems from July 2000 to January 2001.
  • Corvetteforum:
    System Setup and Maintenance – October 2000 to February 2001
    (PHP, MySQL, V-Bulletin)
    This site is an information and message board site about Corvettes . The setup of this project involved installing MySQL and V-Bulletin (message board software), and writing a few PHP scripts.  We continue to maintain the site, chiefly optimizing and maintaining the database.
  • VotersNet:
    Programming – October 2000
    VotersNet was a public site for Canadian political candidates to place information.  We developed it to allow the candidates to edit forms, which then dynamically create static HTML pages. Also included in the site was a search engine and a message board. Security was an important issue because the site is on a
    shared host.  This project took 40 hours.
  • Avengers Federation:
    Programming – September 2000 to September 2001
    (PHP, MySQL)
    Revamped the site to be more flexible.
  • 100world:
    Programming and Team Management – January 2000 to January 2001
    (PHP, MySQL)
    Designed and developed large scale web applications. Lead developer for a multi-million dollar site.  In charge of 5 other developers.  Apache, Oracle, PHP, Perl and CVS were used.  Project was seamlessly deployed on 3 different operating systems.
  • MaxGaming:
    Programming – August 2000 to September 2000
    MaxGaming needed PHP programmed pages to display a map of planets in an image format.  The coordinates were stored in a database and the map needed to zoom in and out and be navigable.  Planet names also needed to be searched and centered on the map.