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Greasemonkey script for Firefox to display the top comments for a Reddit post based on points in a sidebar.


Displays the top comments for a Reddit post in a sidebar on the right hand side.  Clicking on a post in the sidebar will take you directly to the Reddit comment.  For each comment a “top comments” link has been added after “reply” to get you back to the Top Comments sidebar.

The Top Comments sidebar will display under the “RECENTLY VIEWED LINKS” sidebar.

Works with Reddit Uppers and Downers Enhanced and Reddit Comment & Submission Highlighter.


  1. Open Firefox (other browser support coming soon)
  2. Install Greasemonkey (0.8.0 or greater is required), if not already installed
  3. Install Reddit Top Comments (click Install on previous link’s page) or click here to install directly
  4. Click “Install” on the Greasemonkey Installation dialog
  5. Open


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